Singular Aircraft

A new concept of UAV

Singular Aircraft is pleased to introduce the new concept of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

This concept is an unmanned, amphibious, twin engine platform, able to land on and take off from unpaved runways and water.

Four main configurations allow agricultural tasks and fumigation, fire-fighting, aerial surveillance and cargo transport. It can work individually or can be configured to work in a fleet, operating both day and night.

The aircraft is based on a solid structure with market-proven, gasoline engines adapted for this purpose. What this model does best is transport, spray or dose (fumigate) at a fraction of current costs comparing both operating cost and purchase price. It can carry a load of up to 2,000 Kg in remote or difficult to access areas. The surveillance version can stay in the air for up to 60 hours without refuelling.

An operation cost of approximately 200 € per hour which makes our vehicle the most competitive in this market segment today.

Currently the aircraft is in the phase of test runs. Reservations are now being accepted and we have confirmed production of the first units.